Don’t judge Boston because of a few knuckleheads

After I watched the Canadiens/Bruins last night, I felt angry, disappointed, and saddened. Not because the Bruins lost, but because of all the hatred against Canadians’ defenseman P.K. Subban.

Subban, scored in the game-winning goal in the second overtime period to give Montreal a 4-3 victory over Boston in game one of their best of seven series. Some of the racist comments on Twitter after the game were shocking to say the least.

Some of the other comments I saw on Twitter were:


– PK Subban = F****** N*****

– F*** PK Subban. F****** n*****. Wish he got sold” your mother should have swallowed you

– Someone needs to smack PK Subban across his big n***** lips. #scumbag

– N***** trending in Boston- #NHL another sport with issues”

You would think Subban would receive better treatment in a city that welcomed Willie O’Ree as the first-ever black NHL player, but that certainly wasn’t the case. I thought fans would have shown more classed after the Joel Ward racist comments on Twitter two years ago or even the Donald Sterling comments last week, but I guess that was too much to ask for.

First let me just say that I hope people don’t think these comments represent the view of most Bostonians. These actions only represent a minority of people in Massachusetts. Don’t let a few idiots dictate your view on a city.

That fact that these terms are still being use baffles me. I understand a lot of blacks don’t play hockey, but racism has no place on Twitter or anywhere else. The people who tweet about Subban and other black players like Wayne Simmonds only do it because they are hiding behind a computer screen. If they were out in public or faced consequences for their actions, they wouldn’t say a word.

Racism is everywhere ladies and gentlemen. It doesn’t matter if you’re in New York City, Miami, Wytheville, LA, Charlotte, there’s going to be racist people everywhere.  Boston is no different than any other major city in the United States.

What I find strange is the same people who said these racist comments towards Subban, are probably the same people who cheered David Ortiz during the World Series last year. I don’t see these same comments from people on Twitter during football, baseball and basketball games. But when a black player scores a game-winning goal in hockey, some people decided to discriminate against them.

Next time you see a Bruin fan post a racist comment, just show them this photo:

This is Malcolm Subban, P.K.’s younger brother. He plays for the Boston Bruins development team in Providence R.I.  I bet many of those fans weren’t aware of Malcolm Subban being in the Bruins organization.

Just when people believe we are moving towards the end of racism, someone like Sterling and others always manage to say something ignorant and stupid. In the 1980s, it was Al Campanis, who went on Nightline and said blacks did not have the “necessities” to manage in major league baseball. In the 2000s, it was Radio personality Don Imus calling the women basketball players of Rutgers University “nappy-headed hos.”

Racism is very much alive and well people. As a black male, I encounter it every day, and sadly it isn’t going away anytime soon. Don’t generalize the city of Boston because of a few dumbasses.

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6 thoughts on “Don’t judge Boston because of a few knuckleheads

  1. There are always a few people who unfortunately tarnish an entire city with their ignorance. As a former resident of Boston and a native Montrealer, I am saddened that a great rivalry has been diminished to this. A great and exciting game and series has now faded to the background and our focus is on the ugly side of people.

    I am all for the healthy trash talk that comes with every series (be it hockey; football; basketball or baseball) but let’s let the athletes take center stage and show why we are sports fans.

  2. As a Bostonian, I can argue that Bostonians really do feel this way about black. It’s just very deeply hidden, they have black friends, and work with/for blacks but when asked their opinions about blacks, many feel they are entitled to hate the majority of them.

    Boston you’re either two types of black. The stereotypical black the expect you to be, or the ‘good’ black who’s the exception to the rule. I’ve heard plenty bostonians say they don’t find black people attractive, or they should be able to say nigger too, or show me pictures of sambos and say ‘hey that looks like you! lol’. They don’t even realize they’re being racist, and when you call them out on it, it’s just the black man being overly sensitive again. Its best to just deal with racism as it is and recognize that it exists, but seriously can’t fight it- or at least I’m done fighting it. Its a winless battle.

  3. I too am a Bostonian and am deeply saddened by the ignorance displayed after a great hockey game. I do not agree with Terry’s statement above which seems a bit racist in itself.

    I will say this – I hate PK Subban …. but only because he plays for the Canadiens. Subban plays to win and can play on my team anyday.

  4. Why do a small, small minority of ignoramuses have to ruin it for the masses and thrust Boston’s perception around the country, back 30 or 40 years? Subban pisses me off, for no other reason than the way he gets under the opponent’s skin (legally and illegally) and his knack for coming up big against the Bruins. The color of an athlete’s skin, hair or eyes or for that matter, a player’s religious or personal preferences, have NOTHING TO DO WITH THEIR ABILITY OR WITH SPORTS – PERIOD. And anyone who stoops so low as to hide behind the digital anonymity of social networking to spew such vile, vicious and senseless stupidity is either a brainless imbecile or a cowardly bigot or BOTH and do not represent the 99.99% of the TRUE BOSTON SPORTS FANS! #NoPlaceForHate

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